Electrical Signs For Businesses

Electrical signs for businesses are a great option for your location if you want to draw attention to their storefront. Electrical signage is highly visible at night. They provide a clean and professional look, and are customizable to fit your business.

Using electrical signs to attract customers is a great way to help promote and grow your business. Electrical signs come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose to have a single sign with your company’s logo, or you can create a series of signs with multiple messages. Whatever you decide, your electrical signs will help you reach more customers and show them what your business is all about.

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Custom Electrical Signs For Businesses

It’s also important to think about the location of your electrical signage. Good visibility and proper placement will help customers find your company easier. Make sure your signs are visible from the street and that they’re lit up at night. These are all key factors in helping your customers find your business more quickly.

By investing in quality electrical signage, you’re taking the first step towards a successful business. Invest in electrical signs that stand out and represent your business in the best way possible. With a little bit of creativity and the right products, you can ensure that customers find and remember your business.

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Custom Electric Signs For Businesses

Custom electric signs for businesses offer a unique way to market your business and its products or services. Not only do they stand out from traditional advertising methods, but they’re also more cost effective. We can help your business reach a larger audience. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in custom electric signs for businesses:

  1. Visibility: Custom electric signs have the potential to draw attention from far away and stand out from other signs in the area. 
  2. Cost Effective: Compared to other outdoor advertising methods, custom electric signs are much more cost effective. 
  3.  Long Lasting: Custom electric signs are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. 
  4. Versatility: Electric signs can be used to promote new products, services, store hours, or any other important information you want your customers to know. 
  5. Easy Installation: Most custom electric signs come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be installed in a short amount of time. 

Custom electric signs can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to reach a larger audience and make a lasting impression. Investing in custom electric signs can be a great way to increase visibility and boost sales.

Why Choose Us for Electric Signs For Businesses

Electrical Signs For Businesses

Types of Types of Electrical Signs for Businesses

  1. Pylon signs
  2. LED signs
  3. Electronic Message Centers
  4. Digital Displays
  5. Illuminated Pan Channel Lettering
  6. Front and Back-lit signs
  7. Back-lit Signs
  8. Cabinet Signs
  9. Time and temperature displays
  10. Neon art installations

Do you need someone to Design Sign and Logo?

Designing a Electrical Signs depends on the type you need. If you need an interior electrical sign, the design will depend on the purpose of the sign. For example, if your sign is intended to provide directional signage within a facility. Your design should be simple and easy to read. It should include clear graphics, contrasting colors and proper spacing.

If you need an exterior electrical sign. Then your design will depend on the environment in which it is located. Your sign will be made from durable materials, as well as high-visibility colors and fonts that are suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the visibility of your sign, you may also want to incorporate features such as lighting or animations. Finally, the design should be able to withstand the elements over time as described in the unified sign code.

Sign Permiting

After the design is approved by you we can then send it to the city for approval.  What’s in the permit package? The Permit Paperwork, Design which shows the method of attachment. Along with that it will tell them the size of signage. It is important to stay with in the sign bandwidth. 

If the sign is to large it will need to be resized to your cities sign code then all new artwork is needed, the new value of the sign needs to be accounted for. Plus it has to be resubmitted. So we pride our selves of know what is allowed on the wall or in the ground

Electrical Sign Manufacturing

Electrical sign manufacturing involves the production of signage for use on businesses like yours. This includes the production of your signage. It starts with design concept to completion we come up with. The manufacturing process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Design Concept and Planning: The first step in creating your electrical sign is coming up with the concept and plan for the signage, which includes measuring and assessing the space, deciding the shape, size, and orientation, and designing the layout.
  2. Materials Selection: The next step is to select the appropriate materials needed to produce your signage. This typically includes choosing the type of light bulbs, wiring, and electrical components that will be used.
  3.  Manufacturing and Assembly: Once the materials have been selected, your sign can then be made. This often involves the use of routers, computers, welding, and other specialized tools.
  4. Testing and Quality Check: After manufacturing your sign, it is tested and checked for quality assurance. This typically requires the use of specialized equipment and tools to ensure the sign meets the required UL standards.
  5. Installation and Maintenance: Finally, your sign must be installed and maintained. This includes making sure the sign is properly installed and secured to the building or pole.

Electrical Signage Installations

Electrical signage installations involve the installation of your signs or digital displays that are powered by electricity. This could include lightboxes, LED Boarders, and illuminated signs and displays. The installation process typically includes wiring the sign or display to an electrical source, mounting the sign, and testing the sign for proper operation. 

Electrical signage installations may also require additional steps such as programming controllers, testing and adjusting the brightness, and running conduit and fixtures. The installation of your electrical signage requires knowledge of electrical systems. The installers have the ability to install and work with electrical components, and familiarity with local building codes and laws.

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FAQ About Electrical Signs For Business
Best Electrical Signs For Business

You just did! We offer some of the lowest prices around! 

Electrical signs are typically made by combining a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, and neon or LED lighting.

Simple signs with basic lighting features may cost a few hundred dollars. While our larger more intricate signs come with advanced lighting technologies and custom designs can cost several thousand dollars or more.

The amount of time it takes us depends on permitting. Once this is completed it can take up to 10 days for the manufacturing process. This depends on the size and type you ordered.

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